Introduction: Shiba Inu

 The Shiba Inu is a breed of dog bred from ancient times and one of the six Japanese native breeds of dog designated as natural treasures of Japan, including Akita Inu,Kai Inu, Kishu Inu, Shikoku Inu and Hokkaido Inu.
 Inu is the Japanese word for dog. There are various views on the origin of the prefix "Shiba".
The word shiba usually refers to brushwood. Shiba might have been named because the dog was used for hunting, moving through the brushwood,or because the reddish-brown color of the  Shiba Inu is similar to that of brushwood leaves, or because in old Japanese the word shiba means "small", therefore this might be a reference to the small size of the dog.
 Tracing the history of Shiba Inu, it is thought that Shiba Inus inhabited in many parts of Japan from the Jomon Period over 10,000 years ago.

The above fact has been proved by the bones of dogs discovered from the ancient ruins in various parts of Japan, and it clearly shows that Shiba Inus have been so much loved by people since the Jomon Period.  We can easily imagine Shiba Inus which, from ancient times until now, have run quickly in the fields and mountainous areas, have accompanied their owners with joy in hunting, have been good watchdogs as a member of the family, and have been loved and taken good care of by most people.
■What is Jomon Shiba Inu
 With the change of the times from the Jomon Period with its hunting culture to Yayoi Period with its farming culture, and through thousands of years up to the modern age, there have been significant changes in the Japanese dogs: Various non-native species of dogs have been brought from other countries, and cross breeding of dogs had been widespread in Japan. To prevent such a trend, Japanese scholars and leaders stood up and tackled the task of preserving the Japanese dogs. In the early Showa Period (in 1937), Shiba Inu was designated as a natural treasure of Japan, and since then the dog has been positively protected.
Jomon Shiba Inu is so named, because the cranial bones of dogs found in the ruins of the Jomon Period closely resemble those of dogs held by our Shiba Inu Research Center.
 At present, the Shiba Inus, which are sold by many breeders at pet-shops, are those Shiba Inus bred as toy dogs. On the other hand, the Shiba Inus kept at our Research Center have been fostered as a different breed from such Shiba Inus.


■Activities of the Jomon Shiba Inu Research Center

We are the circle of people sharing the same interest with the following goals:(1) We study how people and dogs should be through the life with Shiba Inus,and foster the Jomon Shiba Inus as "a species".(2) Through the life with dogs, we think about our life and the natural environment to make them pleasant and good to live.


■ ※ Adoption of Japanese Jomon Shiba Dogs from Abroad

Inquiries sometimes come to us from abroad about how to adopt Japanese Jomon Shiba dogs. We’re happy to work together to find a right match of a puppy for you. You can buy a puppy from a breeder in Japan that we introduce to you. When you find a right match and want to buy it, you need to pay the breeder:

(1) Cost of puppy  (2) Air freight (3) Fees for an export quarantine certificate and vet certificates (4) Other incidental expenses Before making a purchase contract with a breeder, please check with the Animal Quarantine Service in your country about the procedures in place to import a puppy.

1. When a puppy leaves JapanBefore a dog goes out of Japan, it must undergo an inspection at the Animal Quarantine Service to ensure it is not affected with rabies or leptospirosis. The Export Quarantine Certificate will be issued in English when the inspection is completed. You are advised to contact the Animal Quarantine Service in advance?at least seven days before it leaves Japan. The flow of procedure is as follows:(1) Application of ANIPAS(Animal quarantine Inspection Procedure Automated System)  (2) Issue of Export Quarantine Certificate  (3) Completion of a quarantine inspection  (4) Departure

2. Requirements in your country for importing a puppy Please get information directly from a relevant embassy or the local quarantine service in your country and let us know how to make arrangements for sending a puppy to you. Requirements for a puppy to enter your country will include:(1) Advance permission paper, which is different from country to country  (2) Vaccinations against rabies, distemper or cat leukemia  (3) Administering medicine to kill worms and parasites  (4) Lymph inspection (5) Certificate for how long a puppy stayed in Japan

It sometimes take longer to finish a quarantine inspection, when there is no animal quarantine service office near your place or according to any specific inspection requirements in your country.